Cheese making

It is possible to take part to the following workshops while visiting the agritourism or after lunch with a little additional charge per person (verify availability and prices, depending on the season and the number of participants)

 Stable workshop: milking, cleaning…


You will be able to get in direct contact with the animals we breed (goats, rabbits, cows, pigs) and take part with our staff to our daily activities such as milking, stable cleaning, feeding and much more…

 An intelligent and natural way to get closer to nature and animals for kids and adults.

Cheese workshop: curdling, aging…

Making cheese in the traditional way and taking part in first person to all its phases, from dairy milk to curdling to make seasoned cheese or fresh “primo sale” cheese.


You will get to see and learn the techniques of a tradition that kept its quality through the years.

Bread workshop

The flours, the dough, the cooking.

Rediscover the pleasure of kneading with your hands with fresh mountain water and flour, cooking it in the oven and enjoy the fragrance and aroma of fresh baked bread. A simple and satisfying job the will give you the pleasure to taste your own handmade bread.