Itinerary n°3




arrival time: approx. 1 hours

An easy route for a period of approx. 1 hours

Starting from the farm KEDO descend to the bridge over the stream. From here there are two ways to reach the village of Monteviasco, located on the top of the mountain or take the funicular that leaves from the parking lot, or walking a long and impressive staircase going up the path through the woods, going up to Monteviasco. A cable car takes about 10 min. , Walking on the footpath approx. 1 hours

The village of Monteviasco is built with stone houses with stone roofs (Beole) flat stone feature, and it is very impressive. From here in the green you can see the biggest lake. There are also dining options.
Here beside the path through the village of Monteviasco. Once across the country can continue on the path through several pastures. Or are you still following the path in the opposite direction up to Monte Lema.