Interview to Nicoletta Ruscio, Kedo Agritourism’s owner.

NicolettaThere are still “out of the world” villages, even though, looking at the map, “the world” in this case is Luino, one of the main touristic attractions of Lake Maggiore, and just 10 kilometers away.

Piero di Curiglia has an “impressive” 13 inhabitants. Once arrived to the Giona river, where the funicular to Monteviasco starts, a short path takes to the village and the Kedo Agritourism, where Nicoletta is waiting for us.

“I’ve been living here since 1985, the agritourism back then was just a stable”, explains Nicoletta. “After graduating from high school in teaching and foreign languages, I finally devoted myself to my passion, mountains and goat raising, that I share with my sons Alan and Kedo, whose name comes from a mountain nearby.”

Nicoletta’s passion was transmitted to her sons who, despite being in the age where friends and the city’s attraction are incredibly seductive, are very happy to live here and help their mother, still keeping their independence and friendships.

“I really like being able to introduce and make guests aware of the environment and the surrounding area. So I organize, among other things, educational workshops open to everybody, to get in direct contact with goats, rabbits, cows, pigs, all the animals we raise, to make cheese or bake bread discovering the pleasure of aromas and fragrances that in the city are now long forgotten.”

After all, a five minute walk is nothing to get to experience these things!